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No matter where you're based, we can work together virtually. Record a self tape, run lines, and craft your audition all via video chat.

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For those in Los Angeles: Save yourself the stress of a drive and work from the comfort of your own home! Just like a real friend I'll come to you :)

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For my besties! Make the most of your time & funds by purchasing in bulk. One discounted rate for both in person & remote sessions.


Online Rates

Pick your preference between Zoom or Facetime. If you're not already accustomed to working with a virtual reader, I'll happily show you how! And help you optimize your Self Tape set up to do so. We can record a self tape, craft your audition, run lines for an upcoming job, or prep for a zoom callback all through video chat. This is an ideal option for those located outside of LA or who prefer to work safely online.

30 Minute Session


60 Minute Session


90 Minute Session


Pre - Audition Call


Think of this as a last minute pep talk & chance to make sure you've got those lines. It's a 10-15 minute call right before your live audition. Or for those quickie co-star tapes.

*Only for returning clients*

In Person Rates


For those in Los Angeles, work from the ease of your own home. That's where you're most comfortable after all, so it goes to figure you'll do your best work in that environment. Plus, between last minute appointments, prepping material, wardrobe choices, hair & make-up, the last thing you need is an hour sitting in rush-hour traffic. Additionally, if there are any supplemental materials you need to round out your self tape set up, I'm happy to provide for no additional fee.


Our service area covers: as far west as Santa Monica to Highland Park in the east, south to Culver City, all the way up to North Hollywood and all the areas in between. Please ask if you're unsure if we travel to your neighborhood.

30 Minute Session


45 Minute Session


60 Minute Session


90 Minute Session




Get a lot of auditions? Or know you like to be covered when a same day or last minute tape comes in. Save money and lock in a lower hourly rate! Can be applied to both in person and online work. As you go, you book time anyway you wish (i.e. 30, 55, 75 or even 12 min sessions)**

Good for 1 year from purchase date. **For in person usage minimum 45 mins required.

3 Hour Package


5 Hour Package


10 Hour Package


Book Here

How to book

Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch ASAP to confirm the appointment.

I look forward to meeting and working with you!


- Payments: Payments are accepted via Paypal, Venmo or Zelle. Please note upon session email confirmation you will be asked to send over a $25 HOLD FEE.This amount will be applied to your payment upon completion of the session. (i.e. for a 30 minute in person session $25 will be paid up front and $30 after we work)

- CancellationsTrust me, I get the last minute nature of our business so if for whatever reason you need to cancel, please do so prior to midnight the night before your session and the $25 hold will be reimbursed. Any cancellations after midnight will forfeit the $25 hold fee. Cancellations within 2 hours of the session start time will be charged the full agreed upon session rate.

- Schedule Changes: If you need a same day time adjustment and it's possible to arrange, I will always do my best to accommodate, in which case the hold fee will still be applied to your session. 

- Same Day Appointments: You know I'm there for those last minute appointments! There's never any extra charge. In this case I usually will waive the hold fee and the entire rate is due upon completion of the session. If a same day appointment is arranged (meaning you receive a confirmation from me) and then cancelled the $25 will be collected. If it's cancelled within 2 hours of the agreed upon start time you will again be charged the full session rate. 

mentorship initiative

Every month one no cost introductory session is reserved for BIPOC, Non-Binary, Persons with Disabilities, and LGBTQA+ actors as part of Your Audition Friend's Mentorship Initiative. The aim is to provide ongoing access, tools, and inclusivity to historically under-represented communities in the Film, TV & Theater industry.

Please click HERE for more info & how to reserve the session.

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