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Meet Mara

Your Audition Friend

I'm an actor just like you. So I get it -- the daily ins and outs of our business. I've been Your Audition Friend for the past 7 years, and take great pride in the work I do with my clients. They've booked Series Regular roles directly from the tapes we’ve made together on: City on a Hill, Snowfall, Power Book III, Harlem, On the Verge & Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities. Guest and Co-starring roles on: Daisy Jones & The Six, Blue Bloods, Rebel, Law & Order, and upcoming Interior Chinatown & National Parks to name a few. As well as feature films directed by David Fincher & Aaron Sorkin and even roles in Broadway plays! All from self tapes.

I hold a BFA in drama from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and received classical training from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) in London. And I've seen it from the other side too: I was a reader for several top LA Casting Directors back when in person auditions were the norm. 

Mara Klein Actress & Audition Coach
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Why work with ME

I've seen firsthand what actors do that makes them stand out in the audition room, or makes a self tape pop! And the simple mistakes that catch them up. I aim to demystify and destress the process -- this is ultimately what I want to pass on to you. So you audition with confidence, not obsessing about minutiae that doesn't matter, but focused and ready with the preparation that does. Both in our time together and for any other auditions that come your way. 

What sets me apart is that I’m not like other coaches. I’m not here to tell you the answers or “teach you” how to act. I tailor our sessions specifically to YOUR needs, YOUR process. I'm truly here to support you, so you can feel free to be uniquely you in your audition. Because that's what's going to make you stand out.

Want me to coach you, punch up a joke, finesse a beat or breakdown a scene – I got you. Want me to drill you to be word perfect – I got you. Want me to make sure your lighting & framing look sharp – I got you. Just want a skilled reader you can rely on and play off of without have to text 100 friends – I got you. I can be as hands on or hands off as you need. Just ask! (Though I’m pretty good at intuiting) I understand that every person’s process and even every audition is different. What you want one time may vary to the next.

other ways i can help

Our work doesn’t have to stop when you get the job. I’ve also assisted Series Regulars on shows such as Lioness & Westworld so they walk on set feeling calm, prepared & ready to do their best work in the moments that matters most.

Look, acting is never finished. I don't just want you to book the job ... I want you to book the job, go to set, know your lines, feel confident, comfortable and that someone has your back through it all.

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