Need a Reader for your Self Tape? Someone to Run Lines with?

An Outside Eye to craft your Best Audition? 

Your audition Friend

What is it?

We all do it – myself included - call upon our friends for audition help. To be a reader for a tape. To run lines aloud. To tell us if our choices are working. But you feel guilty because they have their own lives, or only so much time to offer, so you rush through the sides and your work suffers.


What if there was someone to be that friend for you without the added pressure or guilt?  Someone who's there 100% for you, to support your process, calm your nerves, even call in the car to run lines before you enter the room. So you stand strong in your choices and your talent. Best part - you're not stuck returning favors when you have better things to do, and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your house.

I know in my own process, I need to run an audition opposite someone to feel comfortable. Because acting can’t happen in a room alone, it necessitates an audience. Even in your audition prep. That’s where Your Audition Friend comes in...

Meet Mara 

Your Audition Friend

What people are saying

Adelaide Kane

- Reign, Once Upon A Time -

"Mara's been one of my best friends for years, long before Reign, and I've always loved running lines with her. Whether it's just for memorization, or as my reader for tapes, she's great at reading me and what I need in the moment. She's an incredibly generous acting partner, patient, professional, and at times when I'm stuck, knows exactly what to say to change my perspective and improve my performance."

Jonathan Tucker

- City on a Hill, Westworld,

 Snowfall, Kingdom -

"Mara is my secret audition weapon!"

Amanda Brooks

- Nashville, Aquarius, Outsiders  -

"Mara is incredibly insightful when it comes to breaking down material and making interesting choices for the character. She always helps me to find the “play“ in the auditioning process."

"Mara is not only a good friend, but wonderful to work with! She knows what she’s doing and most importantly LOVES what she does. Anytime we run lines or tape together it's apparent she really cares about what works for my process and wants me to book the job. I can't recommend her enough for self tapes, auditions, running lines or even just emotional support.”

Yael Grobglos

- Jane The Virgin, Supergirl  -


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